We recently took some time to review the social media positioning of what Forbes Magazine calls the worlds top 10 luxury brands. The results were interesting.

Since the list changes little from year to year we tapped into Forbes 2009 list to get started. (The 2010 edition was available but didn’t have a solid online component.)
We crunched some numbers and of the 10 brands listed, all have a presence on facebook, nine in an official capacity. The combined pages represent just over 15 million “likes."
To put this in perspective, facebook’s most liked page is Texas Hold’em Poker at nearly 44 million “likes." In fact the top 25 facebook pages have over 22 million “likes” each. Among the pages are gems like Vin Diesel and Linkin Park as well as corporate brands, Coca Cola (29 million) and Youtube (36 million) while facebook itself sits in second (43 million). 
(Click here for a full breakdown.) 
Twitter is a different story: 4 of 10 are active on twitter and followers total a stunning 31,000. If we combined the top 10 luxury brands according to Forbes Magazine their twitter presence wouldn’t put them in the top 1000 tweeters. @joerogan, a man who's made a living feeding testicles to people, has more followers!
So all this begs the question – Why are renowned luxury brands not feeling or creating the social love? Invariably the response is that these brands are exclusive while social networking is inclusive and not the right fit. 
Let's ask one more question - Are facebook, foursquare, twitter and now google+ just websites that allow people to communicate or the genesis of tomorrow’s social environment? 
If it’s the latter, then luxury brands that fail to find ways to remain exclusive in the new social environment might not be on that Top Ten list for long. 

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by Eleanor

i bet all those luxury folks have assistants that do most of their online business and so it’s them who spend more time liking things. ... besides, admitting that you like something at all doesn’t fit snob criteria.


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