Yes, it's that day of the week again folks. TGIF! We present our weekly gathering of links we found educational, hilarious or just plain cool.

Handmade Type—a typography experiment
(scouted by Paul)

Scribbled Wire Sculptures Mysteriously Appear to Float
(via Kirsten)

Are you a Lemonhead? Just for laughs. Babies eating lemons for the first time.
(courtesy of Mark)

Suspended Charcoal Installations Echo Man-Made Figures
(sourced by Kirsten)

Judge a book by it's cover? Heck, yes. Check out the Book Cover Archive
(Jen's pick)

Have a fantastic weekend! 




by Jennifer Solomon

The hand-made type experiment got my inner word nerd pretty excited. It looks amazing.


by Rona

I have to admit, I love judging a book by its cover. Back in the days of yore when I had money to spend, I loved to peruse bookstore shelves and choose a book based on nothing but its title and cover. If your archive page were my bookstore, Jen, I’d choose either “The Cruel Radiance” or “Who Will Run the Frog Hospital.”


by Jennifer

Rona, I used to do the same thing, and honestly, I found some of my favourite authors and books that way. (I ended up buying some really disappointing crap, too.) If the book cover archive was a bookstore, I’d definitely pick up “Mr. Peanut” and “Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy.”


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