Fear not. This post is not about health. I love candy and hope you are still enjoying Halloween leftovers – whether you trick-or-treated or not. 

This is a post about two of my favourite candies. I set out to research the brand relationship between various favourites but came across a unique fun fact that deserves a little attention. 

Smarties versus Rockets
Did you know that you cannot buy chocolate Smarties in the United States? If you ask for Smarties in Alaska you’ll be surprised to find a candy that looks very similar to what we Canadians call Rockets. If fact, Rockets and the sugar tablets called Smarties are the same product. Trademark conflicts restrict chocolate Smarties from entering the US marketplace.

Enough legalese. Here is some fun information about these two delightful delicacies:

Sources: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smarties_(wafer_candy)


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