We said goodbye to our Alex this week. As sad as it was for us, we are all very excited and happy for her in her next big endeavor at the Women's Directorate!

Some of the things we are going to miss about Alex are:

Her best friend Nellie. Who would frequent our office and attend client meetings even lending a paw here and there.

Her enthusiasm for engaging with clients and staff – promoting Thirsty Thursdays, and Beer Fridays.

Her push for a warmer office – while often looking like a homeless waif at project meetings, all wrapped up in her big woolly blanket. (Al’s word, not mine!)

Her professionalism and reliability on managing projects.

Her ability to hunt down any hidden bags of candy in the office, as well as her love of cake – all things sweet really. 

Her stubborn drive and devotion to make projects successful.

Her care to make the office a better place.

Her huge smile....

And last but not least...her great sense of style!

We love you Alex. It’s a good thing you are just moving next door! 

- The aasman team. 


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by Alex

Awe, I miss you guys too! Thanks for making the last two years so amazing. I’m glad to still be just around the corner, so you can expect a lot of visits


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