I don't know the answer and so I'm asking you, with a few examples:

How does a four year old reach 42,051 with his empowering message?

How does a simple hand held sign during the throne speech reach 13,373 after being posted on YouTube?

How does an info graphics video educate 327,262 on the alternative voting system with cats? (I did watch this about a dozen times, so maybe the number's a few less)

But the ultimate question remains, how… HOW did more than one-hundred-fifty-nine-MILLION hits land on Rebecca Black's music video "Friday"?

There are six other days in the week people, and it's only Monday!

But really, what makes your must-see on-line video list?




by Mark

Great question. I believe its the same reason why posts get retweeted or a blog post gets around.  People spread emotion. If you touch the viewer emotionally, whether its sad, happy or with anger. People spread that.


by Mark


you can just hire a company. Just like what Disney Parks has done with the opening of their Star Tours attraction. Which has just under 500,000 views since June 2.



by Meandering Michael

The mass appeal of the Cheezburger network helped the Rebecca Black video.  The video was easy to parody and the Cheezeburger “community” delivered. 

I had a picture (with a link back to my site) on Cheezburger’s “There, I Fixed It” site and my hits skyrocketed.  That was a year ago and I still get hits from their site.


by eleanor

wow! That’s awesome.

There’s also those companies that hire people to click on their videos/promos, etc. I think that’s what happened to Rebecca Black. $500 can go pretty far at a few cents a hit.


by Eleanor

the latest viral vid with over 5 million hits in about a week!



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