It's that time of the year again! Whitehorse Concerts kicks off the season this Saturday night. 

Tell us what your first concert was and you're entered to win two tickets to the show. It doesn't have to be classical—my first concert was Poison, with Skid Row as the opening band.

It's that simple. You, too, can potentially embarrass yourself AND win tickets. (Although, I think I set the bar pretty low, so chances are you've got nothing to be ashamed of.) 

Fill out the form below to enter. But if you feel like sharing, tell us about your first concert experience in the comments. 

 Contest closes Friday, September 28 at noon. Good luck! 







by Jennifer Solomon

I do have to say, I was 13 and Poison was a big deal in rural Saskatchewan. I spent hours putting together my sophisticated “rocker” outfit, and the concert was totally rad.


by Eleanor

I think mine was radiohead ... but man was i jealous of my teeny bopper friends that went to see the New Kids on the Block…. one friend even got a sleeping bag with their faces on it!


by paul

Who are those people? My first concert was either Jethro Tull or Santana at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1972. I can’t remember which was first—there was lots of smoke in the air, and yes, I breathed, I was 15.


by Rick

Set the bar low? What I wouldn’t give to see the original Skid Row lineup with Sebastian Bach! Poison I could take or leave though.


by Corey

haha, I went to a summersault fest at 12 and the lineup was April Wine, Ugly Kid Joe, Meat Loaf and headlining was Def Leopard! Good times for sure.


by Kristen

Ugly Kid Joe… those were the days… haha. Mine was at the Lock oval in the rain watching Aussie Country music great Lee Kernaghan (before he started wearing black leather head to toe), it was a very big deal in my area!!


by Doug Brown

Kim Mitchell came and played at my school when I as 11. I was disappointed. I expected he was going to do something crazy like my hero Alice Cooper and bite the head off a chicken. But all he did was play and pump his fist.


by Dave Rogers

I remember it clearly, and the Internet helped me find the date: August 25, 1978, Boston’s Don’t Look Back Tour at Lansdowne Park, Ottawa. I was a kid, but my sitter wanted to go and the price of admission was taking me. I remember nothing except for a guy in the next row smoking weed from a hollowed-out apple.


by Eleanor

Lol! Oh the experiences. That sounds amazing Doug. My Radiohead experience was similar in that I tagged along with my older bro and felt so cool to be there.


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