You may have noticed that the Whitehorse McDonald's is getting a facelift.
The wood-shingled roof is being replaced by "ultra sleek european styling" that includes a McCafé. I'm sure there will be some complaining about this, but when I heard the details on the radio I was pretty excited.
They already have Arabic coffee, they're already 24 hours, and soon they'll have a fireplace inside, atmospheric lighting in wood ceilings and free wifi. It might fill the needs of many young people I know in Whitehorse who are desperate for a late night hang-out that isn't a bar.
I wanted to know how this renovation fits into McDonalds' brand, so I did a bit of research. McDonald's inspiriting proposition is "Forever Young." In their words, Forever Young is:
• how we portray our brand and how we want it to be perceived
• our heart and our soul
• not an advertising claim ... it is a brand experience
What do you think of a European style McCafé in Whitehorse?
On a side note, they also have a Brand Center website where you can learn all about MacDonald's brand and how to use it. I often place logos on work and have no idea what their intended usage is. If your brand is used by many partners, how accessible is that information? You might not be McDonald's but retaining your brand's integrity can be made easy with a simple website.

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