The game is on once again! A new set of soccer teams, a new host country, and a new set of graphics. People everywhere are asking, "Which team do you support?" Today I'm asking, "Which graphics do you support?" Below are the World Cup logos dating back to 1982—the year I was born. I hope you enjoy the graphic nostalgia. 

Let's contrast the above design from 30 years ago with what we'll see in the future:

What do you think of the evolution? Do you have a favourite? Of course the graphics aren't the only thing that's evolved. Here's a bonus link to the history of the ball itself:




by margriet aasman

Looks like Germany is having a laugh at Korea/Japan. All in all, the only thing they share is awful graphics… thank goodness it doesn’t reflect the high quality of the sport. Thanks for this Eleanor.


by Eleanor

Lol. Great comment Margriet. I have to say that I feel some love for ‘86 in Mexico, which looks a lot like the ‘68 Mexico Olympics:

Which would make it 20 years out of date!

I also enjoy South Africa a fair bit—it looks like a pretty fun party!


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