If you listen to country music long enough, you’ll come to realize that there’s a song about just about everything (Trace Adkins even sings a song about that). Lately I’ve felt a lot like Kurt in Brad Paisley’s “Famous People.”

The song’s all about how in small towns, when anything interesting happens, the whole town remembers. Well, a few weeks ago, the Whitehorse Star posted an article on the -60.7° Wrestling Club that I’ve recently started up here in Whitehorse and since then, it feels like everybody I meet recognizes me: “Hey, you’re Steve Rennalls, the wrestler.”

That title isn’t far off because before aasman, I had a long and modestly successful career competing in freestyle wrestling, one of two Olympic disciplines. For many years, even while I was still competing, I knew that I wanted some day to pass on the technical and life skills that my coaches and mentors invested in me. See, wrestling isn’t just something I did. The sport shaped, grew and molded my very personality—who I am—and that is reflected in the way I perceive and interact with the world… Really, it’s a part of my own personal “brand.”

Companies too go through this process. Products, services, employees, customers and past experiences all have deep impacts on the “personality” of a company. And that personality, as my past blogs have shown, is your organization’s brand. If a brand is your company’s personality, then logos, taglines, and colour palettes aren’t brands; they are expressions of a brand. Branding exercises, workshops, and interviews don’t create brands; they articulate them. A company whose brand is articulated is a company whose personality has been expressed as benefits and values.  

Personally, that means a shift in the expression of my brand from athlete to coach and I look forward to shaping the personal brands of many young minds and bodies here in my community. At the same time, I look forward to helping companies articulate their brands and express them in their communities so that they too can become famous in a small town.


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by Margriet Aasman

So… you are also a coach that helps companies shape their personal brands… hopefully one day people in our small town will stop you and say “Hey, you’re Steve Rennalls, the brand coach.” Great blog post!


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