So I try to hold back–I do.  I don’t enjoy their product and I’m not a fan of big chains but . . . I just couldn’t resist.  Day in and day out of seeing profile picture after profile picture of colleagues, friends and family show off their triumphant prizes for the entire online world to see broke me down.  That’s right. It’s roll up the rim time again and I am helpless against it. 
Roll up the rim season is the only time that I swing by Tim’s outside of the odd early morning long distance drive.  The thought of a winning cup with each purchase drives hundreds of thousands Canadians through their doors each day around this time of the year.  I have written about incentives before and developing the right one for your company here.  When done properly they are an effective tactic in your bag of strategic marketing tricks that should not be ignored.  
I, for one, get sucked in every time I see those red cups filling up the garbage, and for the record, the current score is Corey: 0, Tim Horton’s: 3.

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by Eleanor

Everytime I see someone holding one on those, I ask them “did you win?”.... further spreading the brand experience. In fact, I think you’re the first one to bring one of those cups in our office, and now I kinda want one. It’s a far less involved commitment than playing lotto that still leads to greatness… in a free donut.


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