Job Description: Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Did your mind go to Pantones first?... Can you picture yourself in a parka (in the Pantone of your choosing) entranced beneath the northern lights? Then try this ad on for size.

At Aasman Brand Communications, we specialize in distinctive design. But we’re not just talking surface shine. We deliver purpose-driven creative that sets our clients apart to strategic effect. We’re looking for a dynamic and skilled graphic designer. Someone who understands the meaning of brand value. Someone who can dive in with the team to make a meaningful impact for our clients. If this sounds like you, email

If you arrive in Whitehorse sans parka, don’t sweat it. We’ll help you choose one to fit your Yukon lifestyle. Whether your style suits the arts and festival scene or sports and the outdoors, our little city is bursting with opportunities to strut your stuff in that fine new coat.

Graphic Designer Job Description (PDF)