Job Description: Account Manager

Account Manager

As an account manager at aasman brand communications, you will play a senior team role in developing client business, relationships and profitable outcomes for the company. The job is equal parts challenging and rewarding. We’re looking for someone who is …

Curious. You should be deeply interested in the always-changing world of marketing and communication, and equally interested in your clients’ environments and goals. Then be able to connect your expertise and your clients’ needs to deliver results on every project.

A communicator. The key to success in this job is to communicate effectively and to communicate regularly. You’re the person who will keep multiple clients and aasman team members on the same page until project completion. If you’re shy about picking up the phone to clarify a question, this may not be the job for you.

Affable. Everyone will be spending a lot of time with you – clients and fellow staff alike – so it’s a bonus if you’re a nice person to be around.

Every new staff member changes the dynamic of our company, and we like it that way. We look forward to what you will bring to the aasman team. To apply, email with a cover letter and resume.

Account Manager Job Description (PDF)