As one would imagine in a place as wild and vast as the Yukon, outfitters are plentiful here. Many are long established. So how was a young, new outfitter to stand out among such a competitive and experienced field? By telling it like it is. 

The situation

The situation

Cosco realized something they had (that maybe the other guys didn’t) was a willingness to tell it like it is. Trusting that they could deliver an unforgettable experience, without over-promising or fudging the stats, Cosco took the bold move of being straight shooters in their marketing approach. Costco wouldn’t guarantee a 72” moose but they absolutely would guarantee an authentically wild experience. In other words, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and always deliver a story.  

Visual Identity

The Cosco logotype is all about a true experiencein a grandiose country. It takes a badge style associated with iconic destinations/journeys, and mixes the main product (large moose hunting) with the location (Yukon mountains) and the sense of adventure (the float plane). The eroded effect adds authenticity and evokes the rugged feeling of reaching true wilderness.

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