After a century of being moved along—and eventually away from—the banks of the Yukon River, the Kwanlin Dün First Nation has returned, its presence made real in the new cultural centre.

The situation

The situation

At the heart of the communications for the Cultural Centre River Hallway is the concept that the river equals connection. With the opening of the Cultural Centre, the Kwanlin Dün are re-connected to the river, and they’re making a statement about their connection to the community—one that says: we’re moving forward, celebrating and sharing our culture for everyone’s benefit. 

Textural cedar posts reflect the basaltic columns of Kwanlin (Miles Canyon)
Curved interpretive panels imitate the bend of river's edge

Design defined by edges

There is a unique appearance and texture to the place where water and land meet. A river both shapes and is defined by its edges. The Kwanlin Dün people too are defined by their edges, the ones that the passage of time and experience have given them. Reclaiming their place on the river is like the river making its mark on the land. 

Metal fish navigate their way up the River Hallway


Design inspired by people inspired by water

Design inspired by people inspired by water

The Yukon River is central to the identity of the Kwanlin Dün, whose very name means “people of the water running through canyon.

Metal fish navigate their path up the River Hallway

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