What the Old Log Church lacks in size it makes up for in stories. Maximizing the high intrigue factor of these hidden gems in contrast to the museum’s low entrance fee – while having fun with the “churchiness” of it all – was the surest way to make its small voice heard in a crowded tourist market.

The situation

The Situation

The Old Log Church is a Yukon historical treasure, but as one of the smaller museums in the territory, with not much budget to spare for marketing, they needed to draw eyes and gain visitors through the summer months without breaking the bank.

The Insight

By paying attention to what was on offer at the museum in each of its tours, we soon realized the sell was in the stories. Using a straightforward, text-focused design, we teased out the most compelling bits, and delivered those stories straight to the audience. Well … almost. What the audience actually gets is an intriguing premise with a cliffhanger ending, along with a wink-and-nod invitation to get the rest of the story for a mere six buck-entry fee. After all, for that price, it’d be almost a sin not to visit. 

The Old Log Church logo utilizes the key museum artifact – the church building itself – as its basis, within which a tree grows up and outward to illustrate the living brand and spirited history of the OLC

4 posters, 4 intriguing tales (almost) told

A two-sided card, intrigue with a story on the front, follow up with the museum details on the back

Bus bench signage is a captured and often bored audience – the perfect place to spin a tale of intrigue

Photoshoot of the Old Log Church from the outside in

Oldlogchurchmuseum.ca invites you to leave behind whatever you know or think you know about “church” and explore the museum as an essential chapter in Yukon’s foundation story – from artifacts to archives to engaging tours and guides

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