As a new and distinct applied research institution operating out of Yukon College, the Yukon Research Centre (YRC) wanted to establish its own identity, and position its brand in the marketplace. 

The situation

The situation

By differentiating themselves from competing institutions, YRC hoped to attract the investment and personnel needed to excel. Our research convinced us—and them—that a close identification with an educational institution was the best way for a research institute to build credibility and capacity. To achieve this, we proposed a “monolithic brand architecture” approach that would serve to firmly link Yukon College and its various institutions. We borrowed from the DNA of the college’s brand to create a visual and narrative identity that was clearly related, but also stood on its own.

Brand book for the YRC, outlining strategic and visual direction


An investment that pays off

YRC’s ability to use their brand to help communicate the value they provide is evidenced by the amount of investment the centre has attracted. According to Research Infosource, in 2013 Yukon College and the YRC attracted nearly double the funding per faculty member of the next closest Canadian college and were 10th in absolute funding dollars—a remarkable feat for a northern institution.

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