Saving a life is exciting, visceral stuff. But say the words “carbon monoxide” and “fuel-burning appliance safety” in the same sentence and eyes may start to glaze over. In fact, it’s happening right now, isn’t it?...Hang on. Stay with me now.

The Situation

The situation

Our client—a working group of government departments and organizations—came to us with a unified vision: to save Yukon lives. A recent series of fatal accidents within the territory revealed a difficult truth, that Yukoners were largely unaware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning posed by their fuel-burning appliances. The challenge? To bring home the seriousness of the issue to regular Yukoners, and encourage action by demonstrating the simplicity of prevention. Awareness, and a little knowledge, could save a life. 

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Inspire campaign

For phase one of the campaign, we made the issue of air quality visible by illustrating the air itself, making an emotional connection with Yukoners’ love of the outdoors.

Full-colour print ads that inspire

Responsive website

We created a responsive website that would highlight the seriousness of the issue and the simple ways Yukoners could keep their homes safe from CO poisoning—a quick one-stop shop for the uninformed or those wanting a quick refresher. 

Responsive smartphone design

Educate campaign

For phase two, to educate homeowners about the hidden dangers of CO, we played on poignant indoor smells (good and bad) to, once again, create an emotional connection with our audience.

Full-colour print ads that educate

Reinforce campaign 

Part One
To emphasize the simple side of the “seriously simple” equation, we positioned the maintenance of a home heating appliance as the easiest item on a Yukoner’s fall checklist, and the one that could save a life.

Full colour print ads that reinforce the need to act


Animated Google ads

Part Two
Through face-to-face dialogue with Yukoners on the streets and in the shops of Whitehorse, the team challenged Yukoners’ knowledge of CO safety, encouraging them to brush up where needed.

Cover of the CO prevention brochure given out at face-to-face events across Whitehorse and mailed to Yukon community households


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