For a small family business to thrive in a competitive local market, their brand must be steaming with rich authentic taste – and an online ordering experience that’s just as hot. 

The Situation

The Situation

The initial ask was for a new logo and a website. But through conversation, we learned that after nearly 10 years in business, the logo and website were symptoms of a larger issue – the success of the Dutch Delicious Bakery had outpaced Siebe, the owner, and his ability to run his promotions. He was having trouble choosing the right advertising platforms for his audience and struggling to articulate the breadth of his product range, the experience of the bakery and its place in the community.  

The Brand

After a brand discovery workshop with Siebe and his staff, we analyzed the findings and filtered them through the lens of their customers and the values the bakery holds, culminating in the creation of a strategic document that captured the essence of the Dutch Delicious brand.

Getting the message out

With a strong foundation of strategic language in place, we developed a visual identity stocked with Dutch gezellig – a nearly untranslatable Dutch word that means an enjoyable, comfortable, expansive, social time or place, usually with food or drink at hand.

Illustrations for use in marketing and promotional materials

A brand’s work is never done

Sharing your brand isn’t a one-time thing. Dutch Delicious is applying their brand strategy to align their business decisions too. 

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