If you enjoy a busy social life and have ever experienced the “fear of missing out” (a.k.a.  FOMO), chances are your smartphone is nearby—possibly even while you’re driving. 

The Situation

The situation

Texting is a normal part of any teen’s day. It also poses a statistically proven threat. Ironically, checking what you’re missing on your phone while driving could result in missing an obstacle right in front of you. Suddenly, reading that text just became a life or death decision. One of the roles of Yukon Highways and Public Works is to protect Yukoners as they travel. In this case, we were hired to communicate to teenagers the importance of leaving the phone alone while driving.

The campaign used four illustrated iterations

Let the picture do the talking

The limited choice of words and an illustrative style that included some humour allowed this campaign to speak to our teenage audience in a language they appreciate. 

Rearview mirror danglers

Wallpapers for smartphones

Tactics on location

Reaching drivers in the Yukon can be tricky. Outside of Whitehorse there is not much opportunity for street signage and, let’s be honest, we want drivers focused on the road. But all new drivers head to the Motor Vehicles Branch to get their licences. We leveraged this location by messaging the outside of the building and handing out rear-view danglers to those inside. The danglers, bus exteriors and radio ads helped the campaign message travel­—by car—throughout the Yukon.

Exterior bus signs

Window designs at the Motor Vehicle's Branch—transparent when viewed from the buiding's interior

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