As an accountant with over 20 years consulting with Canadian marketing agencies, Vince finally recognized that he had never taken the time to clearly articulate what he does and why it’s different from the competition. That inability to express himself clearly was hurting his credibility when working with advertising and marketing agencies that specialize in communication.

The Situation

The Situation

Vince’s particular marketing expertise, broad experience and blunt but caring personality make him so much more than an accountant. These three elements work together to give the companies that he consults with a clear understanding of their position and what it will take to improve it.

Brand Profile

With aasman’s help, Vince was able to turn the magnifying glass around and take a good look at himself and the true value he offers to clients. 

New visual identity and letterhead

This personal value is represented in warm colours, bold language and a sharp brand signature that capture Vince’s personality. 


The thing about Vince is he’s an extremely kind, thoughtful and relational human being who just happens to be an accountant and consultant. A photo shoot and a client experience survey captured his authentic human side and the strength of his working relationships. These elements all came together on his new website, offering prospective clients a taste of the Vince Dong accounting experience, even before picking up the phone.

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